My Story




As the President and Cofounder of EpicFish. I bring 30 years of architectural and design experience, 50 years of fishing experience, along with 5 years of experience working as a first mate on several charter boats in New Jersey; 6 years of intense fishing the Catskills, Fingerlakes and Great Lakes in New York. Fishing has always been my true passion, I love to get in the water no matter what time of year it is, along with family and friends. My unique experience as an architect and angler has helped tremendously sharing my life expereinces and pasion for business. As a traditional fisherman, when it comes to the EpicFish team I am always happy to share angling tips and techniques I have picked up throughout the years. My most Epic catch was a 6-foot Mako shark which took about 2.5 hours to reel in. My favorite fish to catch is a tie between tuna and striper because they put up a great fight and are super fun to have on the line due to their high levels of activity and strength. Fishing for striper is like taking part in an action movie starring yourself and a fish.